About against the wind farm & gardens

Gardeners and farmers who use organic practices. We operate a small and diverse farm where we grow cutting flowers, blueberries, squash and food for ourselves.

shaking things up…

Shaking things up…in the new year.

With the closure of our small nursery in 2015 we opened up some time and space for exploring a new crop at Against the Wind Farm & Gardens.

In 2016 we planted and nurtured a trial plot of annual flowers that were specifically for cutting.  This new crop, along with the numerous flowering perennials that already grace our gardens, provided the floral beauty that begets gorgeous bouquets.

Everything we planted grew well and abundantly and provided a great deal of pleasure each week when it came time to put together the flower-buckets and bouquets that we took to market.  This year we are extending the reach of our consciously grown flowers to include a Bouquet Subscription during the 2017 season. Watch for details in the New Year!