a walk through the gardens…

I am an early riser. Up with the first sign of light in the sky, window wide open, birdsong signaling the beginning of a new day. I revel in this time of the year – wrapped in fresh, cool morning air, constant change, and beauty and bounty. As I walk through the gardens I have a great sense of hope and optimism. My quiet, early morning sojourn is, all at once, a daily reminder of all that there is do and the reason that I do it.

Walk through the gardens with me…


    IMG_5198 IMG_5184

IMG_5199 IMG_5205 IMG_5209 IMG_5212

IMG_5214 IMG_5168

1 thought on “a walk through the gardens…

  1. Wow things sure looking lovely and green there….slightly ahead of our part of the country where we were covered in white just two days ago! Thanks for sharing the beauty.

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