seeds…what’s all the fuss about?

If you are confused about seed terminology  look no further.

Renee Shephard, from Renee’s Garden has given us the low down on  heritage, heirloom, open-pollinated, organic, conventional and hybrid seeds.   “Seed Buying 101:  A Seed Gardener’s Glossary” is a plain-language “go-to” resource .  It will help set the record straight…

Click here to read the Seed Gardener’s Glossary.

If you are looking for seed sources for your vegetable or flower gardens there are some very reputable companies that offer fine selections.  Their seeds are available through local shops, or you can order online.   Some of my favorites are:

West Coast Seeds

Renee’s Garden

Richters Herbs

Heritage Harvest Seed

William Dam

In addition to the seed companies listed here, there are many great resources at the Seedy Saturday/Sunday events that happen throughout British Columbia during the spring months.  Check one out in your community…support a small seed provider!

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