fall at the nursery and farm…

Another season is over.  Fall is upon us.

As I walk around our property and take note of the seasonal changes I lament the passing of summer.  But with that inevitable passage there is another kind of beauty and enjoyment that comes forward.  Greens fade to yellows, oranges, intense reds, soft browns.  The summer winds wind down, the fog arrives, the leaves fall and the dew covered grass and frost laden foliage offer a seasonal treat that we don’t get to enjoy during the rain of spring or the heat of summer.  The quietness of a fall day, filled with sunshine, the gentle sound of falling leaves and the vibrant colours that grace our gardens is plenty enough to carry me into winter with good thoughts of what the next year might bring.

Click here for The sound and colour of autumn at the nursery and farm.

Happy Fall to all!

nursery and farm view ornamental grass fountain grass garden path ornamental grass and garden sage

frosty barberry Rosa rugosa fountain grass nursery shed


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