Winter Squash & Pumpkins, 2012 Harvest!



PRICE:  $.80/lb (organically grown)

CALL:  250.226.7765

We have finished our 2012 harvest with a wonderful selection of WINTER SQUASH & PUMPKINS.  All of our fruit and vegetables are organically grown.

All varieties are great for puréeing, roasting and baking. Once squash is cooked and mashed, it can be used in a variety of dishes…soups, main dishes, vegetable side dishes, even breads, muffins, custards and pies.

Once a squash is cooked (by steaming or baking), the flesh of the squash can be stored frozen until needed.

 A bit of advice on how to store winter squash:

  • Place whole winter squash on top of thick pads of newspapers in a cool, dry, well-ventilated location, preferably between 45 and 50 degrees F. Check on a regular basis for rot and use within three to six months depending on variety of squash.


BABY BLUE  4-6 lbs., sweet dry thick orange yellow flesh, light blue skin, semi bush, good keeper.

GALEUX D’EYSINES SQUASH   HEIRLOOM  An elegant French heirloom with an appropriately elegant sounding name. Magnifique! This stunning squash has beautiful salmon-peach colored skin covered with peanut shell-like warts caused by sugar in the skin. Traditionally used in France for soups and sauces, when cooked, the sweet, orange flesh is as smooth as velvet. Each flattened squash weighs 10-15 pounds and can store for up to 6 months. Definitely a show stopper in the garden or on the table.


KABOCHA (Japanese Pumpkin)  Brilliant yellow-orange flesh, like a pumpkin’s. Both the texture and flavor of Kabocha squash is similar to a sweet potato: the soft, moist, fluffy flesh is surprisingly sweet and slightly nutty. IT is so naturally delicious, that you could eat it simply roasted and unadorned.

QUEENSLAND BLUE HEIRLOOM  Dark blue-green ribbed rind with flesh that is meaty, sugary, brilliant orange, and abundant. Beautiful blue turban-shaped 10-20 lb. fruit, deeply ribbed.  A good keeper.

SWEET MEAT  HEIRLOOM  It not only has a creamy dense texture, but its flavor is rich, buttery and distinctive. It makes the best pies, the creamiest soups, the most savory side dishes and the tastiest muffins.  A good keeper.  10 – 15 lbs.

TRIAMBLE  HEIRLOOM  This bizarre curiosity has three lobes – and three seed cavities. Bluish grey skin covers dense, orange, sugary flesh that holds its flavour for a remarkably long time. A bit slower to mature, but a very long shelf life.

UCHIKI KURI  Hubbard-type squash with orange-red rind, creamy yellow, thick flesh that is very sweet and nutty flavored. The approximate weight for Uchiki Kuri is 3 lbs. Use in soups, stir-fries and pies. Bred in Japan, this winter squash is popular braised in dashi stock, or for a Thai dish, braised in coconut milk


JACK OF ALL TRADES  This versatile variety gives lots of dark-orange Jack-O-Lanterns that colour quickly on a tidy vine. The strong handles let kids gather and carve their prizes happily. This fairly round high quality, mid-sized 5–7kg (10–15lb) and 30–35cm (12-–14″) charmer is also fine for pies.

LITTLE OCTOBER  Perfectly-shaped small pumpkins, and they taste great, too.

ROUGE VIF D’ETAMPES  HEIRLOOM  This centuries-old French HEIRLOOM is also charmingly known as Cinderella. Beautiful reddish-orange, flat pumpkins with deep ridges are the first to colour in the patch. Each medium sprawling vine gives about six lovely 9kg (20lb) treasures that are good for artistic carving, decorations, and winter meals.

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